Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beatriz Has The Right To Live- Updated

The facts of the case are simple. Beatriz is a 22 year old woman with lupus. She already has one child and was expecting her second when she found out the fetus was non-viable and would not live long past birth (even if it made it that far). Because of her lupus, carrying to term would put her at a high risk of death.

So we have:
  1. a woman with a critical disease 
  2. and who is a mother to a living child
  3. a fetus with no hope of survival
  4. and the high risk of death as her pregnancy continues
If she were an American (and lived in a state which allowed abortion or could afford to travel to said state), she would have the option of terminating her pregnancy. She would be allowed to go on with her life, to continue being a mother to her son. But she's not. She lives in El Salvador, a country that doesn't allow abortion for any reason. Not for the life of the mother, not due to rape or incest, none allowed at all. Because of Catholic doctrine.

Dying Salvadoran Woman Finally Ends Her Doomed Pregnancy With A C-Section Instead Of An ‘Abortion’

Granting a C-section rather than an abortion is nothing more then legal and religious word play. It was a gamble with a woman's life the government of El Salvador and the Catholic Church were willing to take. Waiting until the fetus was viable* put Beatriz's life at risk. It put the relationship between a woman and her husband at risk. It put the life between a mother and her son at risk. And this is what it means to be pro-life?

* I use viable only in the medical sense as it was made plain the fetus was deformed and would not survive long, if at all.

El Salvador abortion woman has C-section
5 hours.

That's how long the baby lived after being born via C-section. FIVE hours versus the weeks of suffering faced by the mother and her family. The life of a baby who was born without a brain, who would die shortly after birth is worth more than the life of the woman carrying that child. The life of a woman with a family. The life of a woman who has a son and a husband who desperately want her to live.

5 hours.

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