Monday, June 3, 2013

Reading List June 3, 2013

As two prominent GOP women fade, a question of how to woo female voters
I get a little sarcastic reading articles like this (nooo, really?!). I can't help but think this is another form of pink-washing (ie slap some pink paint on it can call it Made for Women). If they wanted to really woo female voters, how about addressing issues that women think are important? And while we're on that subject, women make up 50.8% of the United States population, at what point do things like healthcare and reproductive rights stop being Women's Issues and become Human Issues?

Where right meets left on freedom of the press.
YES! It is possible for the political left and right to agree.

House of Death
I lost my Aunt to cancer 14 years ago and I still remember the wonderful hospice nurses who took care of her - and us - at the end of her life. I would like to see hospice made available for more people and their families to use.

'Stand Your Ground' Laws To Be Scrutinized For Racial Bias By Civil Rights Commission
Good. Now can we do something about George Zimmerman's lawyers pissing in the jury pool?

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