Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reading List June 2, 2013

We Are Not Having A Serious Discussion, Obamacare Edition
No, we are not. We are running ourselves ragged talking about (and defending against) inane things like death panels and the evils of socialized medicine. Where is the discussion about how our healthcare system broke in the first place?

Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Entire Photo Staff, Will Give Reporters iPhoneography Training
I'm not sure what to think of this. On the one hand, hopefully that'll make it easier to report events as they're happening but it doesn't say a whole lot about our ability to analyze those events.

Reading the News Is Fun and Patriotic, But It Sure Can Make You Anxious
I thought this was funny considering the amount of news I watch or listen to in a day.

Facebook Sexism, YouTube Attacks On Feminist Frequency, And How Hate Speech Make Tech Take Sides
Part of a larger debate on freedom of speech, at what point do we define hate speech and regulate against it. And in the context of community self-policing, is it even possible to have people agree what speech is considered harmful?

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