Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading List June 18, 2013

Connecting Things to the Internet Does Not an Internet of Things Make
We've come to a point where we have to re-define what the Internet actually means. He makes a good point about closed systems, Apple, Google and Microsoft all have similar mail, calendar and storage tools but none of them play well with each other, which means you're still limited in your ability to cross platforms.

Private Networks For Public Safety
I've been thinking of the same thing since I heard a story on NPR about DARPA's research into new ways of networking. A stable network that can be made mobile and executed in a location without existing capabilities has use for more than just the military.

LAX TSA officer shames my 15-year-old daughter for her outfit
I already loath the TSA for a useless operation, good for nothing more than security theatre. So now they're the morality police? And I'm sure the TSA agent has spent an equal amount of time telling young men to pull up their pants and to stop wearing those skinny jeans.

The Unspoken Stigma of Workplace Flexibility
Workplace flexibility will retain the stigma as "women only" until more men feel comfortable using it.:
For some women, it gives employers a reason to view them through the lens of motherhood, prompting the strongest form of gender discrimination. Mothers are seen as less competent and less committed to their work, she said,citing other studies. But more surprising is that men who seek work flexibility may be penalized more severely than women, because they’re viewed as more feminine, deviating from their traditional role of fully committed breadwinners.
Two things need to happen, more men need to willing to risk using something that has been traditionally defined as more feminine and positive value needs to be assigned to the roles women play.

Palin writing ‘legalese’ book to fight the ‘War on Christmas’
A legalese book with recipes. Can't wait. And tradition!

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