Monday, June 24, 2013

Men, Women and Higher Education

Growing up, going to college was a given. There would be no such thing as a choice about whether or not to go (although there were a few battles over where to go). Both my parents have Bachelor's degrees and both went on to get Master's degrees, as have I. I had a liberal arts degree but I went on to work in IT.

I think everyone can agree IT is a male dominated industry,  I've been listening with interest to our interns and new hires talk about how a degree is unnecessary and then I read this: As court prepares affirmative-action decision, softer standards for men go unnoticed. It's interesting to me how the rate of women in higher education has increased while the rate of men has decreased but rather than hearing how the men need to step it up, higher education is being devalued instead. So what happens when women with higher education outnumber men? Will we get equal pay or will formal higher education become devalued entirely?

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