Friday, June 14, 2013

From the Department of Get the F**K Over It

OMG It's the END OF THE WORLD! There's yet another stupid chick in a Sci-Fi movie!

Evangeline Lily (Lost) is playing a new character, Tauriel, in the upcoming Hobbit movie and it's causing quite a stir on-line, cause she's  <gasp> A GIRL.
The Hobbit
Evangeline Lilly as the elf warrior Tauriel in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug – a new character created by filmmakers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh.
Yes, we all know girls don't like Sci-Fi and have no place in something as important as Tolkien. I'm sure she'll completely ruin the movie.*

The mix of  fandom and the fake geek girl bullshit absolutely drives me insane. There is obviously no way to prove to the small but vocal group of men in fandom that the presence of women won't ruin their tiny, precious little world. I have a two part solution to the problem.

First, piss off you stupid wanker! Get the hell out of my face and out of my life so I can enjoy my fandom in peace and quite. I give precisely zero craps about why you think women are ruining your life and I suggest you get into your own kitchen and make your own damn sandwich.

Second, I know there are other men out there who don't think women are the ruin of fandom so I ask you guys to please speak up! Ignoring the trolls isn't working, it's time to shut them up and shut them down. Give them the message that they're the unwanted ones.

*Warning: extreme sarcasm in use. Either don protective gear or leave the room for your safey.

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